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Our Tan-Through collection redefines luxury sunbathing with unparalleled fabric innovation — denser, smoother, and impeccably designed to complement the discerning taste. Inspired by the subtleties of nature, our refined color palette invites a seamless blend of style and comfort. Each piece promises an even, graceful tan with SPF35 protection, ensuring your well-being is as cherished as your style. Embrace the sophistication of intelligent design and the freedom of flawless tanning. Welcome to the exclusive experience of TopTan Swimwear!

Tan-Through Swimwear

Dive into a flawless tan with our Tan-Through Swimwear Collection. Designed with cutting-edge micro-porous fabric, it offers a seamless tan and SPF35 protection. Quick to dry and ultra-comfortable, it's the perfect blend of style and science for your sun-soaked adventures.


Explore our Premier Beachwear Collection, crafted from natural silk and eco-conscious Tencel. The collection's Pareos are thoughtfully designed to complement our swimwea. Embrace the subtlety of natural fibers and the quiet luxury of our carefully curated designs, perfect for the serene beach-goer who values simplicity and quality above all.

From now on, only your swimsuits for me! We were on a boat, everyone was freezing after swimming, but I was dry in five minutes. Maximum comfort!

I'm thrilled! I swam in the long one in the morning and in the short one in the evening. It's perfect to take two tops! Everything dries instantly, I came out of the water and went to have dinner with friends!

Perfect fit! It looks so petite, but it fits perfectly everywhere! The armholes are just right, I often had problems with that before. Thank you so much!

Thank you! It's very comfortable and beautiful, plus you get a tan. Awesome!

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